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"Abraham, dawg, take your kid up that hill and shank him, offer me up some entrails. I need to know you care."
"No fucking way. That's batshit crazy."
"What part of God am I leaving out?"
"Where's my knife?"
The Bible as allegory? Notable, even profound. As literal history? Nuts.

Hey you can't jump to conclusions or have "knee-jerk reactions" if you insist on gathering no facts. Facts are where the trouble starts.

What I prove is I can focus my time on social media and simply dump the shitmuzzles. Which is why this will be our only exchange. Blocked.

I interviewed the head of Institute for Disaster Mental Health, who responded to the Newtown massacre. He was awestruck at Obama's grace & gravitas, how he took as much time as anyone needed or wanted to comfort the families as best he could.

I actually believe the morgue photos and crime scene photography would be profound. Emmitt Till. But yes, traumatic for loved ones.

Yo, my scrote. The 17 dead in that school building had a really short time. But you enjoy party on. It's all about your self-pleasure.

Each family. But Donald Trump could only bear a thumbs up photo-up with responders and then off to the disco party at His resort.

Soulless, small-dicked gunluster here who wants the surviving kids at Parkland to shut up and get strapped. Moloch thanks you, Andy.

Or in the present instance involving the mass slaying of school kids, drag himself over to the disco party.

Loathes. "As deeply as he loathes Donald Trump." Tell Gregor and Vlad that the subject-verb agreement in the algorithm Is due an upgrade.

Just dropping by to say that I believe @marcorubio should be forced to resign in the wake of the Parkland attacks. Not much chance it will happen, but I figure each time I tweet it, it costs Marco a $1 of his @NRA money in staff time.

I don't want to loathe a human being as deeply as I do Donald Trump. But he is empty, cruel and disastrous to our republic.
It's just so.

Shame the survivors of Sandy Hook were too young to video, tweet and demand better. Would have been harder for GOP to ignore as it did.

The daughter of the murdered Sandy Hook principal keeps her mother's lively Twitter feed, filled with the Fall 2012 goings-on of the staff and children, untouched, ending December 13th.

I visit it whenever I feel that my gut needs a solid roundhouse kick.

In 2016, you took $1,071,100 in contributions from the NRA. In 2012, the year of Sandy Hook, you took $1,057,792. In 2000, right after Columbine, you took $2,976,900. You’re not with Florida. You’re with the NRA.