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This is honestly a life saver for having a decent time on twitter, and highly recommended if you aren't aware of it.


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I just learned about a really cool gig coming up. Looking for Unity experts who live in Canada with experience in high-end realtime projects. Also an env artist, tech artist, animator, and everything else you can think of. Shoot me a DM


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ME: welcome to Game Design 1010, my name is- ah, sorry, you have a question?
YOU: your syllabus is just a single sheet of paper that says "if you put a meme in your game I'll squirt you with a water bottle"
ME, pulling out a water bottle: I'm so glad you brought that up


why do dudes on movies and TV always chew their fucking pills

that shit drives me crazy

swallow your pills you clown


show creator: haha this will resonate with people, everyone feels this way
audience: uhhh nope but we now are uncomfortably aware of some bad stuff about you


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10 stili x 10 personaggi, by Jaakko Seppälä. Semplicemente bellissimo.


i don’t like a lot of the openings to old cartoons, but there’s a few i like. Rugrats is great: chunky song, some fun animation w/ perspective (empathizing with being a small child) and it introduces pretty much all the characters very clearly: youtube.com/watch?v=jMEj9kQg3F


a LOT of really old cartoons being posted! which is cool! but also reminds me that i’m probably rare in being an adult that keeps tabs on modern kids cartoons lol


I have LOTS and i’ll post them over time. First is Gravity Falls, which I’m re-watching now. What a great intro and song. youtube.com/watch?v=X2DUpDxFJy


i say this as a person who gets easily carried away and can occasionally, especially when going hard hypomanic, forget myself and talk at people at length before i catch myself and then get embarrassed and feel bad about it for the next 14 months


it’s always really weird when u meet an online person who like mega tweet threads hard opinions constantly and they literally don’t say anything. at first you think it’s like “oh they just open up online” but ur also like “oh they don’t want to talk to people, just *at* people"


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Fun little lighthouse.

Been working on my character font again. Added a handwritten text style which is like a cutesy italics. Made using the book of kells palette which I posted a month or so ago.


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