video calling w/ friends when u don’t have a cat
“PUT HIM ON SCREEN @scaredcarrot!”

well they still kinda do this, but conversations and mystery-solving is what gets them there, paired with character intuition, not just… dues ex gamegenie

like, whenever i didn’t know how to transition a scene, i just had a random character be like “hurf durf why don’t we go check out the alchemy labs, where alchemy is made and students are put in charge of—“ BARF

and now that it’s all done, i can go back through and get rid of so much of teh early bad… uhh… exposition

so much of the early writing is soooo bad. i was just trying to get momentum going and i just PUT WORDS DOWN in order to keep moving so i could finish it, something i’ve had lots of trouble with in the past. BUT I PUSHED THRU

doing my dream job of going through ALLLL the early story stuff of ikenfell and FIXING it

in the brief moment the editor pops up here, you can see the little yellow trigger that causes the pillar to “push” into place (and saves its state) when the player steps on it. you can ALMOST squeeze by without hitting the trigger.

“bugs” in ikenfell that’ll only be possible if you can figure out how to sequence break or wall-skip

hey, lucky’s is my favourite book+comic store in Vancouver and a locally-owned staple of Main St! if you’re a local and have some spare cash, they could use it!  and you could always use more great reads

Excited to announce that I'm now repped by the wonderful @jenazantian! I'll be working on cooking up my Dragon Witch series into a graphic novel, and hopefully other cool projects over the horizon! Please look forward to it!

BUT most imporantly, it means i get to hear their LOVELY little “pit-pat-pit-pat-pit-pat-pit-pat-pit-pat” as they zoom around

there’ll probably be an option in the menu to have run be default and the run button be “walk”, to save folks who want to run around always

after 4 years of development, i have FINALLY added to ikenfell….
a run button!

putting in hundreds and hundreds of SFX into the game right now.

it’s quite tedious to do so many all at once, but it makes the game SO MUCH BETTER, and slamming them to-do lists is so satisfying

Hi, I'm a reporter: Are you a landlord whose tenants missed rent, and so you're now trying to figure out how to evict them this month? If so, please get in touch. It's not for a story, I just want to beat your ass

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