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filled with love for my underappreciated space daughter tonight


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"Hey have you ever tried one of those apps that have relaxing sounds for sleep?"

Me, an intellectual:


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Rubeosaurus meaning "thorn bush lizard" was a ceratopsian of the Upper Cretaceous 74.6 MYA. North America at the time was divided by the Western Interior Seaway creating the Western landmass Laramidia and the Eastern Appalachia.


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dwarf fortress be like: this dwarf just made a statue out of cheese and its just a statue of himself eating cheese and it says "we live in a society" on the base.


Ikenfell’s entire world map and all the puzzle scripting and one-off NPC dialogue is all stored in one huge (10MB-ish) Json file. twitter.com/fullbright/status/


This pricey consignment store has Chrono Trigger music playing and I am l o s i n g i t


Alright, so my new schedule is set! You can expect extremely frequent Ikenfell updates starting Monday! I’ll also be posting more Kickstarter updates over the next few months. Probably monthly ones :) excited!


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Here a better shot of the temple!! Super excited how far this has come in the past days, especially after designing a walkthrough gate part!


if anybody wants to fight me at smash tonight/in the future, add me!
lmk your username


one day i dream of making a magic school tabletop rpg

it won’t happen but nobody can stop me from dreaming of it


Game developers who have released 2+ games: have you ever released something you are happy with


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