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AWESOME, a free pixel font~ patreon.com/posts/awesome-free

if you like what I do you can support me with a small pledge, that'd be *awesome*


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Are you (or someone you know) a talented pixel artist currently available for work?
Tweet me your portfolio!

I've got a direct link to a *really cool*, pretty long-term, and PAID job opportunity. Would love to pass on some neat folks to take it. :)


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if we ever made something like this, what songs would y’all be most interested in playing & what experience level would you like to see us arrange for? twitter.com/gnesvacil/status/1


i’m at this awkward point in Beat Saber where all the Expert levels are too easy and boring to play, but the Expert+ are waayyyyyy too difficult, like I can’t even get 2 seconds into any of them.

what a difficulty jump!


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Hi ! I’m looking for work in . My focus is background painting, color design, and environment/prop visdev.



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