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There should be a special scarf or ring or something you can get that’s a signal for no one in shops ever to talk to u.

As soon as it happens I’m always like 75% less likely to buy anything anyway so it’d work out in their favor

Currently my favorite twitter genre is "gamers arguing with my bot"

I've seen this suggested before, but I do wish every Olympic event would include one rando for the sake of providing a sense of scale. Like, yes, that contestant finished last, and look how much better she still did than Carolyn James of Cleveland, our designated normal human.

Mechanical Ostrich Sculpture constructed from three mechanical arms by British artist Tim Lewis

Also cuz the pro controller is dope and has the c-stick in a sane position

I hope Smash for switch comes out so I will be able to play with some friends online instead of by myself

That’s ok tho cuz I like knowing the plot beforehand, that way I’m not surprised and can instead enjoy the movie

black panther on Sunday

By which I mean I’ll know the whole plot already cuz y’all can’t handle yourselves of course

Happy Lunar New Year! Feeling extremely lucky I got to make this year's doodle for it!

i love @CGdrawing cuz it’s the only damn twitter account that actually credits the art and photos they share <3