decided to say fuck it while my 3-hour upload runs and went on a cross-city bike ride instead

migrating! hopefully this works… each one of these files takes about a second so… only 12k more to go! so i’ll see y’all in a few hours to even see if this works ;___;

me: i’m having a shitty day, ugh. i’m stressed, frustrated at little things that are happening, and have a big deadline in 2 days.

source control: hahaha FUCK YOU

i have reached bandana phase of quarantine! great for overgrown hair and also doubles as an impromptu face mask! lovely design by @jessicasroux, give her a follow for great art.

wow an epic store mega sale? sounds like a great deal!

A thread of Taika Waititi smiling but his smile gets bigger as you keep scrolling

thinking about SCII and how the win rates of the 3 races were so damn balanced that the meta just oscillated for years. what a remarkable feat of game design to achieve this...

i love “hacker" text so much in shows. this one is great, because she types all this code in like THREE SECONDS… but also leaves comments as she goes! what a champ <3

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