Not the same anon but do you have future plans to make a video series based on Into The Spider-verse in a similar… — Um, I've kicked around a few ideas about metanarrative and genre literacy that would incorporate Spider-verse. Li…

Patreon aggressively namesearching themselves to address concerns and then ignoring you when you ask difficult questions is a great look, very reassuring.

I am jewish and have found that fact to be an interesting circumstance to navigate while interacting with friends… — Anyone who says you carry responsibility for the actions of your ancestors, Israel, or the larger Jewish communit…

The Nazis were unable to make the trains run on time (Tooze, Wages of Destruction)

Max: with mostly dead, the author is slightly alive! with all dead, there's pretty much only one thing you can do.
Inigo: what is that?
Max: publish.

the kind of people who watch sargon are cool with him saying the mass murderer had some valid points but say my entire career is invalid if I reference the bechdel test

did I download the Monopoly font for this?

and did I make sure the price and color were accurately linked as per the game board?

I can neither confirm nor deny.

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