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Seb Gorka wants you to know Trump & his family aren’t racist, because they love America & its people: “Jew, Legal Immigrant, or natural born citizen.” Strange how he presents Jews as a distinct third group who are neither immigrants nor natural American citizens...


On the plane I learned that What Remains of Edith Finch is almost exactly one full Switch charge long.


It's not even like Trump hasn't circulated a lie that a non-white elected official was secretly born overseas or anything.


I remind you that clickthrough rates on Twitter are ~2%, which means the headline will be read by 50x as many people as read the article.


This is PRECISELY how the lie that Tlaib, Pressley, and Ocasio-Cortez are foreigners will be spread by the "neutral" media.


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"...and all of my many tree roles," continued Scarlett Johansson, "will be Asian."


On the one hand, been recognized by a few fans.

On the other, got mistaken for a greeter at Walgreens.

I'm about breaking even.


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Next 'Video Game Deep Cuts' newsletter - out in the next 24 hours - includes a links to this particular neatness (from @InnuendoStudios!) Sign up: tinyletter.com/vgdeepcuts  Archives: tinyletter.com/vgdeepcuts/arch


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Just got tell some of my favorite creators how awesome they are. This VidCon is already awesome. Though I need to loosen up. @InnuendoStudios @Hbomberguy @MaggieMaeFish @FoldableHuman


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you gotta temper that righteous rage with empathy otherwise you turn it to people who dont deserve it


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