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@InnuendoStudios Hey there! I'm looking to chat with some disabled folks about technology's effect on their university experience for my newspaper. A few lecturers completely forbid tech in them, and don't record the lectures. Any chance for a signal boost?


Hey Mr Studios.

One of the most common critiques I see in your comments is that your Why Are You So Angry? series is a… — Well, I can answer both questions at the same time, but it may sound kind of blunt. Please understand I'm not saying th… curiouscat.me/InnuendoStudios/


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I’m so glad I was able to take HomeEc back when I was in middle school. I couldn’t imagine not knowing how to do basic things, like sew a button, and be ridiculed for it by the very people who decided we shouldn’t teach those things in schools. twitter.com/dailycaller/status


Jesse Singal's default response - "you'd better be prepared to back that up" - when there are already dozens of testimonials about all the ways he's shitty to trans people is bait.

"Be prepared to back that up" = "state it publicly so you can be harassed."


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trans people keep DM'ing me to talk about unpleasant experiences they've had with Singal, which they can't share publicly because they're afraid of the consequences in terms of harassment/professional blowback, what have you.


Bandersnatch: The first filmed adaptation of The Stanley Parable.

Bandersnatch: Pondering the question, "Is there any such thing as too meta?"

Bandersnatch: Because every British drama series needs its own Abominable Bride.


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I just hit 8k on here! Every time I hit a twitter milestone I share our short film The Making of the Baker's Shadow. So, enjoy youtube.com/watch?v=6VJwYO2yqR 


The wild thing about Destroyer is Nicole Kidman needs more makeup to pass as her own age than as a twentysomething.


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