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"ICE isn't as bad as nazis because they aren't killing them" is a banal contrarian opinion that reveals a disturbing historical amnesia. nazis didn't wake up one morning and suddenly put everyone in an extermination camp that magically appeared overnight.

So now I have to wonder what destination for rowdy moped gangs my street is on the way to.

Periodically, after sundown, what sounds like a couple dozen loud-ass motorcycles drives under my window. I dunno what about my random side street makes in necessary that bikers to drive down it.

I saw them thru my window for the first time the other day.

It's fucking mopeds.

My favorite genre of podcast is anything where @Danielleri constantly mutters terrible puns, at least half of which her cohosts refuse to acknowledge.

I also sincerely thought nothing would ever do as well as TIPF, and here I have a video about to surpass it.

1 million views is a truly baffling number. The idea that ANY video I've made will hit that number, much less two in the next few months, boils my brains.

This is assuming trends for the last 30 days hold, which may be inaccurate. Smash vid saw a spike in traffic after Wizzrobe won Optic Arena.

My two most popular videos - This Is Phil Fish and the Smash video - are both closing in on 1 million views.

TIPF has 957k views and is on track to hit 1M in just under 4 months.
Smash video has 927k views but should overtake TIPF and hit 1M in ~2.5 months.

Wait, why did my phone capitalize Jewel?

ffs Google, stop assuming everything is a proper noun from the 90's

The new Incredibles is like a season of a TV show, not a movie. A smorgasbord of plot threads and ideas that complement each other but don't entirely cohere. Not the slick, efficient Jewel the original was.

Which means I kinda like it more than the first one.

Is the Incredibles Randian propaganda? — Oh jeez. This one's... complicated.

Between The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Tomorrowland, a lo...

Well, after 4 hours of trying to do the Summit C-side, I'm giving up. This was not the relaxing afternoon I'd hoped for.

Playing Celeste after a short break is SO INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL. I need the steady priming of the previous entire game to have the nerves for this.

the human brain was not evolved to keep up with the unbelievable amount of news that comes out now. Everyday, more information... — I don't know that the stories themselves are particularly complex, it's that there's such a massi...

I often hear about how articles and videos debunking the alt right are giving them a platform by which their ideas may spread,... — If PeTA's antics succeed, more people turn vegetarian, which isn't exactly the fall of civilizati...