For myself, I'm settling on The Silent Age, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Virginia, and Unforeseen Incidents, for a cool $25 and change.

The notion of Black inferiority is historically new.

Let that sink in.

Prior to the beginning of the slave trade, and the heyday of colonialism, African nations were regarded as a MASSIVE force in trade, academics, and culture.

Me: I swear the next video is going to be shorter.

Me: I'm going to write a quick endnote.

Me: I'm in a good writing mode, let me write a second endnote for later in the series.

Me: Maybe this second endnote should come first, let me record it.

Me:'s 21 minutes long.

He's not wrong that pulling fascists off major platforms is a necessary tactic, and I do think we sometimes fixate so much on how slow the platforms are to act that we don't acknowledge how it is, *slooooowly*, working.

Do I even want to mention that Kyle Kallgren got suspended for saying "death to fascism?"

Like, Shane, buddy: They've been doing it to us since long before we did it to them.

And, as for fear that this tactic will be used against the left, he mentions only a single antifascist podcast that got kicked off Patreon, and not the hundreds of trans accounts that have been mass-reported and suspended by transphobes claiming "TERF" is a slur.

Fuckin' Jack Dorsey *following* half the Nazis on here should at least warrant a mention, I think?

He also doesn't even mention ban evasions and alt accounts.

Like, he talks about which fascists have been kicked off Twitter and Facebook without mentioning *just how long* it took to get them booted, *just how many* are still online, or the ways these sites profit off of Nazi presence.

Now Fascism Today is talking about getting fascists kicked off social media platforms and the fear that the same tactic could be used against antifascists, and is portraying social media companies as WAAAAAAY bigger allies than they are.

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