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I finally succumbed to the temptation and did a demake of @OverlandGame <3


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Okay I got 3D objects shading how I want with outlines bla bla bla


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Blossom, a digital flower/anemone thing for you to play and relax with, is OUT NOW, from me and @hamishlangmusic. Pay what you want kenwong.itch.io:443/blossom 


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PicOS is an operating system for developed by @Enargy and me.
It's modeled after Mac OS, on pico8's tiny 128x128 16colors display.


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dreamy seascapes

also im opening up my commissions soon, so if you're interested hmu. DM/Emails whatever


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Finally finished!! I've been working on this on and off for around a year and a half. I've always wanted to do something like this with my characters!! music is by @surasshu, strings by @jeffthatnoise

youtube link: youtube.com/watch?v=zD06fwGHNl 

I hope you like it!!


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hands I've drawn for @JimmyWhetzel the last year or so! It's tough fitting fingers in such a small space!


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my @Pixel_Dailies image for the theme , based on the gorgeous @BadNorthGame by @OskSta. Its basically an invading party of baddies!


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The last post before releasing the asset pack. Check the background I've made for it!

You can also support me on my patreon - patreon.com/brullov_art 


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So excited to have our show premier. Here are some of my boards compared to the finished episodes!


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Tried writing a custom shader for HDRP. I learnt that extending it with a geometry shader is rather easy compared to the legacy render paths. github.com/keijiro/TestbedHDRP