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HEY my first game Anodyne - a smart, surreal, zelda-like - is ☆NOW OUT☆ on PS4 in the US!!

Growing up around consoles, this is a big milestone for me, so any sharing would be super appreciated.


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Our friends and members from Telltale: We see you. We are you. Take the time you need to rest and recover, but know that we are here for you. Only we, the workers, can forge a better industry.

Our statement on the Telltale layoffs. gameworkersunite.org/blog/stat


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Do you like my tilesets? You can use them if you join my ! Commercial or non-commercial use options. Inspired by SNES RPG classics like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger, and designed with feedback from patrons! patreon.com/selieltheshaper 


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Look what just snuck onto your ! Discover the magical, mechanical board game that thieves play as you race for loot and outwit your friends in ! Now available in the North American eShop!



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Got a super special gift from my girlfriend @JarMustard @subsetgames @benprunty


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Experiment with 4 values again, but with lighting!! which did make it a little more challenging. Struggled so much with composition on this one. "witch hunt"


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experiment with black&white contrast. It's quite interesting what you can describe with just 4 values.


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1 you should go to Different Games, it's one of my faves
2 they have a system driven/procedural design track this year
3 hands up if you're going! I might have a secret mission for you :3 2018.differentgames.org/


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Into the Breach and Subset Games have been short listed for the ! We were generously placed in 3 (!!) categories: Best Indie Game / Best PC Game / Studio of the Year!

You can vote for us (or some of the many other awesome games) here: gamesradar.com/goldenjoysticka


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