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Treasure and adventure awaits! @Flinthook is out NOW on Nintentdo Switch! @NintendoAmerica nintendo.com/games/detail/flin


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‘Land of Pixels’ futuristic digital artwork from design team Atelier Olschinsky come across as M.C. Escher’s for the digital age behance.net/gallery/36308325/L 


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You can now get my 7 Day RogueLike Jam 2018 tileset to use in your own projects for free!
8x8 pixel scale


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NEW TRAILER for "Semblance", our platformer where you deform a beautiful playdough world!

Announcing publisher @GoodShepherdEnt! Coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac in 2018!

RT's are appreciated!


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Surprise! You can get our extensive digital making-of book on Steam!

Forewords by @grumpygamer
and @pioiwan!
(Procedural) pixelart galore
Unreleased dev commentary
Forgotten features
Over 170 pages!



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If you don't think insects can be cute, you haven't seen Pill Millipedes


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Artist Inspiration- Jess Woulfe's lovely, stylized landscapes (and kitty temples) artstation.com/jessicawoulfe 


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That feeling when your family sends you a photo of your game in the home town newspaper@theTiser


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Tellurion, a gorgeous visual story by @MattRhodesArt tellurion.ca 


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Taking some time to refine the illustrations of the Sunken Gardens for my game.

There's still some way to go but I wanted to share the progress! This is like leaf heaven and it's SO awesome to work on!


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Another demo scene WIP for @mjosephs194's game-in-dev! This time we're outside the battle-scarred police station! The flowery scenery would be quite nice if there weren't those bloodstains outside the doorway... o.o'


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Warm up idea: Once you feel comfortable with referencing a single image, wade into more uncomfortable territory. Try to combine two pieces into one!