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I always wanted to make some fanart for OFF... even if I'm 10+ years late.


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Now that I can finally show it.
I worked on some background art for @EldenPixels Alwa's Legacy. They are currently in the last hours of their Kickstarter campaign. kickstarter.com/projects/elden


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word on the street is that Frog Detective 2 has a release date ... and it's SOON !!!

perhaps this strange video i found on the dark web will tell us more store.steampowered.com/app/104 


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I'm looking over an old project and I completely forgot how much of this I made, the idea was you poked around a little environment to try and find stars - it was pretty prototype but a lot of the basic interaction stuff here is good and usable... I love picking stuff up here


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For the sake of posting art, here’s a personal piece, obviously Mandalorian inspired. On a side note, congrats to all friends who worked on the show. It’s a splendid and fun adventure in many ways!


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I've set up my @itch shop.

There you can buy for your game.


I also have @Patreon page. Get free asset packs, request updates and connect to my Discord server!



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Here's a sneak peek of the level editor in a pre-alpha stage. Can't wait to get in to your hands and see what you make with it!


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Hello! I’m Kelsey, a writer/narrative designer who worked on the award-winning Outer Wilds and recently wrapped a contract at Insomniac. I’m currently working remotely while I look for my next on-site project. If your team needs an upbeat, highly collaborative writer, let's talk!


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My take on the "RIFTWALKER" from Into The Breach.
Kinda different from the original but same spirit.. :)

@subsetgames @JarMustard @Spudonkey


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Hello If anyone is on the look out for concept art, game art & illustrations. I’m now officially on the look out for new & exciting projects.


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The crowdfunder for our little game is now on Indiegogo (with a playable demo too!) If you're into action platformers, please check it out ^_^

RTs are super appreciated! indiegogo.com/at/BlubberBuster


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Making game is hard, selling them is harder, doing both in a country where people don't realize that the game industry exists is nightmare

That's why I want to share some recommended Indonesian-made games here

You can show your support by buying, wishlist, or simply sharing


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