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Just arrived in Amsterdam today to give this talk about Style Transfer ML for games on Monday. If you’re in town, it may still be possible to get tix. :) twitter.com/fitc/status/122839


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Ok, so here's the latest in progress sequence with the helmet shots added... now moving onto the POD's scenes (as yet unseen!)...
HQ: youtube.com/watch?v=dhbBdePJuH 


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That last night we got lost, wandering through the echoes of chants and the rhythmic drums of an underground club. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.
16:9 4K here -> vimeo.com/391434896 


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I love minimal chunky low-poly models. I designed this guy to be clearly identifiable from a distance.


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So Im helping out Tiny Thor @joemanaco with some environmental art! Here's a fully horizontally and vertically tileable waterfall I did, you can expect to see some more cool stuff in the future :)


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"Cities are made up of the accumulated memories of people, which have the power to transcend their own time" — The beautiful, semi-imaginary, infinitely detailed Tokyo of Akira Yamaguchi


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There are lots of great environment design in BL3 so here's a piece based on one of my favorite locations: Athenas


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I made doors block pathfinding, but didn't tell the Charge ability's targeting logic - I was curious if that would let me still bash through them like before.

Well played, AI.


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