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So now I’m the little “Ruling Class” pocket interviewer? Uh uh.

Someone has to confront @JimSterling about this mess.

It’s gotta be me. He has to answer for what he’s done to @ryse_wrestling.


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Series 5 of Pinful Truth is now available! Adorn yourself with scorn today at etsy.com/shop/PinfulTruth 


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TF Sequence I did for @CaseyExplosion !! I feel like I'm finding my style with comic sequences, even though I'm still struggling with random dead space lmao. But yeah!! Thanks a bunch!!


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This this this this. Oh. And this. @JimSterling with a wonderful response to "just a game" being a bad mindset.

"It's Just A Game (The Jimquisition)" youtube.com/watch?v=ugg4_2O7xe


This week's Jimquisition discusses competition, anger, and the "it's just a game" thing, with a little help from the hottest new influencer! youtube.com/watch?v=ugg4_2O7xe


Apparently I just missed the ten year anniversary of Deadly Premonition. I don't need to tell you how special that game is to me. Brilliance in gleeful spite of convention.


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It finally happened! The flight attendant asked "is there a doctor on this flight?" and I leapt up and said yes!

Did a tracheotomy at 30,000ft with a razor blade and ballpoint pen.

He didn't make it, but the thrill was undeniable. Thinking of going to doctor school now.


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ourgodisapizzagod // old dumb gouache painting from 2016, 8x10 inches \\


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What's in store for next Saturday at the @WrestleFactory_? A fun-filled afternoon at the matches, to be certain! See everything that's been announced so far, and get yourself advance tickets - the last 2 events at the Factory were completely full! Here: chikarapro.com/events/season-2


Spent the weekend filming fun things for The Jimquisition. Be prepared - Cucumber Succulence is coming!


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