Does anyone remember a really interesting Twitter thread about how YouTube channels that focus on one topic tend to be very successful, and that when they diversify the content, it doesn't work out as well? There was some great insight in that and I bloody forgot to save it.

Yes, let's do some writing immediately after waking up before 5am. This won't lead to me writing "Daenary Targaran".

As much as I like Gotham I wonder why the city ever needed a Batman. Jim Gordon is dunking on villains left and right. Forget the rich kid.

This and more political witticisms are in my North American speaking tour, "Them Politicians What Are Shit."

Every now and then I check the Patreon exit survey to see if anyone dropped support for a unique reason.

This reason is certainly... unique.

Hopefully Theresa May is succeeded by something useful like a spanner or a pair of jeans.

I'm having a deep refreshing drink of some delicious schadenfreude, because some "Gender Critical" feminists discovered that one of their more prominent voices in Ireland is actually a hardcore anti-abortion campaigner.

You know who was warning you about this? Trans people.

I'll do Lapis x Labyrinth Jimpressions tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy all these JEWELS!

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