Experts are uncertain how a president from the Catholic minority will fare in this largely Protestant nation. The two groups have been at war for long periods of history and those scars are still alive in this deeply religious country.

Politics aside, it's good to see a person from a minority group occupy a high position of power in the US. Biden is Catholic.

Despite announcements of a clear winner in the presidential election, the situation in the US continues to be dangerous. Follow our coverage as we explain the factional divisions and how they will play out.

Some people don't know how to pronounce the name of the Vice President elect. It's pronounced Har-ris

I swear that autocorrect waits for me to check a word and then changes it to a typo just before I tweet

Fears over nuclear safety in this unstable North American Republic with a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, amid rising tensions and an escalating political crisis

Palestinian prisoner Maher al-Akhras ends his hunger strike after 103 days protesting his administrative detention.

He’ll be released on November 26th. Maher was arrested in July by Israeli forces and has been held without trial or charge- a routine practice by the occupation.

"Hello Amy, how's the weather in Georgia?"
"Guten Abend, good evening, bon soir, Washington. You are looking gorgeous. Georgia's vote goes to.... Biden!"

Seriously next time have Eurovision run the US elections, they can organise a vote across a continent and get the result in hours. is one server in the network