This government is so incompetent it feels like they're all trying to stab each other in the back with a bread roll.

Syrian Democratic Forces declare total elimination of so-called caliphate and %100 territorial defeat of ISIS. On this unique day, we commemorate thousands of martyrs whose efforts made the victory possible.

This is an important moment. ISIS isn't finished, not by a long shot. But the loss of territory is a crucial blow, deserving of satisfaction and worthy of celebration.

If you're in Delhi next Saturday, please do come along to the launch of The Transformative Constitution.

My feelings about Brexit have nothing to do with geopolitical issues, I just feel that we've done all the jokes so it's time to move in.

Human society is divided into various cultures that are in turn divided into smaller units known as 'WhatsApp Groups'

Anthropologists have puzzled over the mysterious faith that Western people have in online petitions for years. Some think it's a primitive form of belief in an all powerful metaphysical being

Why don't we just change the word to ducking so we don't have to fight with ducking autocorrect

This is getting very entertaining, Brexiters feel like the EU will help them get a no-deal Brexit while Remainers feel betrayed by the EU for pushing May's deal.

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