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Oh God they're all doing it. They're actually using GDPR as a reason to e-mail people who've specifically denied them permission to e-mail.

Three large coffees in, I can refactor complicated code while chair-dancing, but it takes me three attempts to click Unity's play button.

This was the simplest and therefore best answer that worked, thanks all! I'm just doing it like:
[NonSerialized] public int actionIndex = -1;

This will sound dumb but I can't find a clean and simple way to initialise a public variable in Unity (C#) that doesn't cause me problems. Here's what I've tried and the problems I've had - is there a better way?

"So you're sure we're GDPR compliant now?"
"Absolutely, I sent an e-mail to everyone who opted out of e-mails just to be extra clear that they're still opted out."

I've been playing Slay the Spire a lot. It's great! I'm bad at it. Here I am explaining it: .

A tease for some things we're trying. Designs by @John_Arr.

Lost in Space S1 was good! Despite Villain Hair Lady. Hope they also spend future seasons Not Entirely Lost And Clearly On A Planet.

Okay, so, here's a thing. I've left Eurogamer to work on a new project! Support my work to tell fantastic stories about video games and the people behind them.

For my latest game design column at @rockpapershot, I broke down what works about Far Cry 5's understated best feature: mentoring useless strangers.

Two energy drink brand names from a dream I just had: "Backflip Anthology" and "Liquid Struggle"