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Feel like the guest you have to kill for his invite at the start of a Hitman mission.

Because I love manuals, I made one for Flotilla 2. To celebrate Flotilla 2's release day, here's its PDF manual -- enjoy!!

Flotilla 2 is now available!

Big battleships! Tactical turn-based combat! All on the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

This one's not an "I sure showed THEM!" story - I actually did suck when I applied. Got better by soaking up all the feedback editors gave me, and learning from better writers around me. Couldn't control if I got the job so tried to focus on deserving it.

Applied for a Staff Writer position at PC Gamer, didn't get an interview. Later applied for a Disc Editor position there, for which I had no qualifications, and got it. Volunteered for all the writing work I could get, and eventually they made me a writer.

Hey Ben!
Quiet follower here - as many have said, thank you for sharing with us all about the anxiety/depression struggle. Goes to show that far too many artists deal with this, but it helps to know the truth, and that you are not alone. I hope you feel better soon!
- Alice

Spotify Discover Weekly needs a button for 'Yeah, OK, I do like this one, but the way you know that is that I play it all the time, and I'm not saying skip it, just realise that you don't get any credit for suggesting this.'

It's a sign of a good success spectrum when even an absurdly easy run is engaging and fun all the way through, for an hour.

Can I win?
Can I win without taking damage?
Can I go for an elite and win?
Can I beat an ELITE without taking damage?
Can I beat an elite in ONE TURN?!

Today's Slay the Spire daily is amazing fun, esp if you normally find the game hard. You can play dozens of cards on your first turn, almost no fights made it to turn 2.

Start it in the next 90 mins!

Is there really no proper Instagram app for iPad? Just the phone sized one you have to zoom in 2x on? Is this some kind of feud?

The @crateandcrowbar community is doing a weekly Slay the Spire challenge, where we all play on the same seed. Here I am attempting the first one a few weeks back, while graduating from tipsy to somewhat drunk: .

In retrospect it was also a mistake to redirect them to a clip of Donald Sutherland pointing at them and screaming.

Excited to announce Flotilla 2 will be released this week!!

Friday, August 17 2018

Finished now, was excellent but missed opportunity not to call it Khiresa Explains It All.

Also I just got to a bit in the story that made me say "whaaaaaaaaat" for like seven continuous minutes - in a good way.