Interesting video (by @digitalfoundry) about the lost SNES platformer "Coolie Skunk" and its released PS1 version "Punky Skunk".
In 1996 only a demo was briefly streamed on the Sattelaview. Now 24 years later the full SNES game was released.

I've been having fun adding to ! Gems, lights, spiders, crawlers, jump-though platforms, new terrain, basic HUD and bomb trails added over the last few weeks. Let me know your thoughts!

Dono Update! I know its been a while since the last update for Dono, but there is a good reason for that. I decided to take a month to rewrite code, make menus and all the other boring parts. But now that that's over! I can focus on Levels!

Your 2020 reminder that Flynn has a coming soon page on Steam where you can wishlist! Wishlists help us a lot as we work toward releasing this year so please check it out

Made the walls taller and worked on the dungeon/track editor some more. There's still bugs to work out, but it's slowly getting there! Also started messing around with background colours/patterns while racing. Maybe outer space?

Added a timer for all the times people said they’d wanna speed run , and some super fun rock smashing!

I've been toying with more boulder mechanics tonight since @SimonFilip triggered a light bulb moment in my head sponge and I'm really happy how it's turning out!

I've updated the Steam page with better screenshots and a semi-new trailer. More and more people are going to the steam page of Crumble, it's amazing!
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Bill & Ted 3 will be released this year.
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Btw a pretty good Bill & Ted Game Boy game also exists:
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure"
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A Jumpman styled single screen arcade platformer.


We're super pleased to reveal our Early Access Date!
FEBRUARY 6TH, let's gooo!

Wishlist on Steam 
Early Access will include a brand new world as well as other goodies.

Devs who have put games out on the Switch:

Is there anything you wish you'd known prior to launch? Any special / different things you did that you think helped make your game sell better?

Switch is a tricky one to know whether you're making the right moves

Also worth checking out are the other 80s styled arcade games by ~Hijong Park:

- Rolling Bird
- Frantic Dimension
- Golden Hornet

All available for free on Steam:

With a blistering sense of speed, Tearaway Thomas is one of the fastest games on the . Coded by Nick Frampton and David Hanney in their spare time, this parkour-style collect 'em up will push your reflexes to the very limit!

If you're looking for a fine "Defender" tribute consider to check out "Pentasma" (the newest game by ~Hijong Park) which offers that classic 80s arcade feel.

Available for free on Itch. io: 
Coming soon to Steam:

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