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I don't think I ever really mentioned or showed it off much, but Rayman Redemption will include many new music tracks. Some of which are remixes, and some of which are completely original. I think the more avid fans might recognize this one!


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In Scarf you can explore the world in different ways. Open the waters to explore the depths!


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Simultaniously playing the and the version of Sam's Journey on the to test the equalized gameplay speeds... Looks good so far!


There is a new promising sci-fi metroidvania currently in development called "Lysium: Stardiver"

Dev: @Mawilo_Studio Pub: @FDG_Games


"Pizza Tower" is a tribute to the Wario Land series starring Pepino the raging Pizza baker. (The game is still in development but a demo is already available. @PizzaTowergame)


Btw "Destructivator" was released 12 years ago. It's an arcade-y single screen platform shooter about blasting away all the baddies in order to advance to the next level. (In that sense it reminds a bit of Bubble Bobble)

The game is available for free: pugfuglygames.itch.io/destruct 


"Destructivator 2" is now available on Steam. Visually it reminds a bit of Lode Runner + Jumpman (Tiny pixel people, lots of ladders) but gameplay wise it's a fast paced arcade-y platform shooter (with shmuppy segments in a spaceship). store.steampowered.com/app/112
Dev: @pugfuglygames


"KungFu Kickball" is an upcoming multiplayer-fantasy-sports-platform-fighter currently in development by @WhaleFoodGames. (PC, XB1, Switch, PS4)


"Revenant's Reach" is an upcoming skill based 2.5D platformer with grappling hook mechanics.


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We’re excited to announce a new video series that will highlight independent developers: ID@Xbox Spotlight. news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/04/02


Mega Man 1-3 received a 16-bit release on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive in 1994. It's called "Mega Man: The Wily Wars"

Related documentary by @GamingHistorian:

Screens from @MobyGames: mobygames.com/game/genesis/meg


ICYMI: A free demo for the multiplayer 2D shooter "Soldat 2" was just released a few days ago. (by @soldatmm)

Collection of GIFs that show all kinds of moves:
(wall jump, wall run, spin jump, glide backflip, superman slide...)


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Orbital Bullet is a 360° action rogue-lite where bullets circle around the world and can blow you up :)


"Destructivator 2" is a retro styled platform shooter starring a tiny main character, lots of ladders and non stop action. After 2 years of development the game will be released tomorrow on Steam. (by @pugfuglygames)

Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/112


If you like Game Boy games consider to check out "Game Boy Works" by @gamespite.

Goal: Cataloging/reviewing all released GB games.
(Current game count: +100)

It consists of:
- a video series
- a website
- and two books



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