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Keep the beat and keep Hyrule from meeting certain doom when Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of from @BYG_Vancouver comes to this spring!


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Announced this morning in the @NintendoAmerica Nindies showcase, we’re excited to show you our new game with @BandaiNamcoUS: RAD — 3D action rogue-like set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, in which your fate is to mutate...


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We couldn't be prouder to announce that Bloodroots is part of the !

@NintendoAmerica. Expect Bloodroots on this summer!


"Oddworld: Soulstorm" VFX Breakdown of a Cinematic.
>Full 90 sec Cinematic by @OddworldInc: twitter.com/OddworldInc/status
>Related 5 min talk with Lorne Lanning and Bennie Terry at GDC 2019: youtu.be/a8uAUPGZb3I 


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Want another sneak peek at our Oddworld: Soulstorm cinematic? We've got you covered! Enjoy!


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The campaign of has 3 goals (Tate acknowledged the # so that's good):
1. Kao on @GOGcom (the simplest one)
2. Kao remasters/remakes on Steam/current gen consoles
3. Continuation of the series example Kao 4
We would be happy with at least 1. but we hope for the best


I was just notified that there might be a new "Kao the Kangaroo" game in case enough fans want to see a new installment in the 3D platformer series.
As the big platformer fan that I am I think it would be very nice if @TateMultimedia would mobygames.com/game-group/kao-t


"Steel Rats"
>free demo was just released today (Steam + PS4)
>2.5D vehicular combat motorbike platformer
>by @TateMultimedia (devs of "Kao the Kangaroo 1-3" + "Urban Trial Freestyle/Playground")
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/619
PS4: store.playstation.com/en-us/pr


"FAR: Lone Sails" is coming to PS4 + XB1 in 2 weeks (April 2, 2019)
Vehicle adventure game about traveling across a dried-out ocean
Dev: @okomotive | Pub: @mixtvisiongames
Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=-8HV6fco2C 
(Already available on Steam, GOG, Humble)


Wonder Boy styled platformer "Aggelos" is coming soon to Switch, Xbox One and PS4 (25th April 2019) | by @StorybirdGames
>Already available on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/717


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Who is that, lurking silently in the distance? Something new will emerge from the shadows at @officialpaxeast ...


"Dodo Peak" is a colorful isometric arcade hopper by @palebluemotion
Summer 2019 = iOS (The game will possibly also ported to Android later)
[Main inspirations seem to be Q*bert and Congo Bongo]


+20 Traditional Platformers (2019 Edition)
>just created a little list of promising hop 'n bop styled traditional platformers
>shown game in the video below is "Leilani's Island" by @ishisoft


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I made this cool promotional poster for Movistar+'s upcoming TV show 'Paraíso' (Paradise), directed by Fernando González Molina and produced by @globomedia.


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