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Okay final tweet on this, I've got it all finished up woo! Going in the door, loading scene, and coming out the door on the other end :)

I tried to subtly disappear/reappear the item in your hand, so it hopefully looks okay carrying something through...

Now I'm done :D


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Hey folks,

A good friend of mine needs to sell a 4 day PAX Prime Badge! If you’re in need, or know someone in need, this pass is available to at cost ($222+ tax, no markup) to the first person that reach out to me.

Thanks so much!


I can't tell if this tweet is telling me to stop having new game ideas or just to stop in general, but either way

they ain't wrong twitter.com/pippinbarr/status/


Dunno what the fuck my cat's reading at night, but it's apparently working, she does look happy


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I opened my 2015 Zaya project and was greeted with some sprites


Feels weird to promote advices that I don't follow on my current projects, but 3 good keyframes is better than two dozen animation frames twitter.com/MOOMANiBE/status/1


Holy fucking shit this looks SO fucking good
I wasn't fully on track with a re-re-re-re-retelling of Z but holy SHIT that cutscene is incredible


It's a hot summer day and I'm wearing the heaviest blanket, because my son wanted to cuddle


I absolutely hate, to the deepest point, these kind of cult of personality that just annihilate the rest of the team into non-existence


Gamescome has a trailer for Kojima

Not for his game

For Kojima himself arriving on stage


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Your favorite programmer, @CapnYoungblood will be doing an AMA on the Rivals of Aether Subreddit tomorrow 8/20 at 10 AM PT about Steam Workshop and what to expect.

Link: reddit.com/r/RivalsOfAether/


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