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Work with @BHLibraries! Come to @hub_rainbow this Wed 2-4pm & chat to library staff about the role & how it might be the perfect thing for YOU. All Welcome. Info: new.brighton-hove.gov.uk/jobs/ 
Wed 17th July. 93 St James's Street


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Interesting graph from the Human Truth Foundation who’ve compiled evidence from multiple sources on UK news publications based on readership and quality (based on complaints about accuracy)

How @thetimes can call itself the “paper of record” I don’t know?


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Wow this is ace. About how people hide transphobia and anti-trans sentiment in innocent sounding language by @JayHulmePoet jayhulme.com/blog/warinwords


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BREAKING: a group of British newspapers has successfully fought to lift the anonymity granted to a trans father fighting a landmark case against the British government.

A Trans Father Has Lost His Fight To Protect His Identity buzzfeed.com/patrickstrudwick/


Content warning: today's stories included reference to suicide, homophobia and transphobia.


GSN reports that Scarlett Johansson says her recent comments on having the right to play anyone were taken out of context, and that she recognises the advantage of being cis: gaystarnews.com/article/scarle


Recruiter looks at employers' duty to respect employees' religious beliefs but explains that this doesn't give those employees a right to discriminate against others: recruiter.co.uk/news/2019/07/c ’t-‘top-trump’-other-protected-characteristics


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