Recent scientific studies proved that there are precisely 2 things in the world sexier than Lynda Carter wearing glasses.
One being Gillian Anderson wearing glasses (ex aequo)
The other being Lynda Carter wearing bigger vintage glasses.

Gorgeous Lynda Carter. Winner of Miss USA 1972 at 21 years old. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman at 24 years old from 1975-1979. My Hero.

Quand la famille Flap fait appel à Stéphane Pizza pour leur recherche d'appart.
La suite dans Monsieur Flap S03E01 "Home Sweet Home" sur @francetvslash :

In April, 10 years ago, Peter Steele passed away.

His big fangs, big voice and big peepee are missed.

Let's join hands and pray.

I listened to Korn while working today and it made me nostalgic of the time @Rafchu , the gang and I made fanzines.

12 milliards d'années lumières, pour retourner sur terre,
y'a pas à dire c'est très très long.
Alors on compte les boules dehors, on compte les boules dedans
jusqu'à c'qu'on soit à la maison...

Keeping elections as if nothing is happening is mind boggling. French government made that mistake 2 weeks ago. Lord knows how many people got infected because of that foolish decision. At least 3 mayors who got elected died a week later. Fucking bullshit.

Selling Jesus, more than 20 fucking years later, is still giving me massive goosebumps and Lord oh Lord how Skin is beautiful.

Skunk Anansie - Selling Jesus

Ma copine a fait le et il est trop cool ! En plus y a le Dr Lachatte ! :O (cc @YvesBalak
(Pour voir les autres n'hésitez pas a check son insta : )

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