New video coming later today - an in-depth look at the making of a Hitman 2 level, featuring the game’s directors!

To celebrate the finale of Designing for Disability, GMTK has donated £100 to @SpecialEffect and $100 to @AbleGamers - two incredible charities doing amazing stuff for accessibility

Game Maker’s Toolkit is a tricky beast. The videos are supposed to be useful and educational - but will inevitably be biased by my own preferences. Finding the right balance is always tough and sometimes, I’m just gonna get it wrong! Thanks for your patience while I figure it out

I have re-released my video about roguelikes and persistency. I wasn’t happy with the original, which I felt focused too much on my personal opinion. This remake is, hopefully, more balanced -

Had a lovely time in Vancouver, visiting EA’s offices. I went up a mountain! I’m always open to doing talks at your studio or school - is one server in the network