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hi, i understand a lot of frustrations irt joining gamedev discords as a person of color. you get over-policed when you talk, and sometimes your jokes don't land the right way.

here's why you should DM me for invites to my games professionals of color discord anyway


Lead Narrative Designer role at Massive, working with some folks I know to be cool. (You need to be willing to live in Sweden, if you don't already.) massive.se/job/lead-narrative-


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Just submitted a panel presentation I’m *don’t say positively don’t say positively don’t say posi* POSITIVELY PUMPED FOR.

Interactive fiction writers/game designers, you have til Jan 17 to follow suit! twitter.com/narrascope/status/


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The @pcgamer forums are open, and we're the first Developer Spotlight!

We're kicking off with a behind the scenes look at how we write weirdness in Fallen London, and a giveaway of games + special Fallen London playing cards from @GameTeeUK!

Sign up: forums.pcgamer.com/forums/stud 


I'm currently checking out projects that use AI (machine learning or otherwise) to improve accessibility in the context of video games -- are you working on something in this space? Or know people who are?


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Out on itch now and : When Rivers Were Trails, a 2D adventure game about indigenous communities displaced from Minnesota in the 1890s - which took the Adaptation Award at IndieCade 2019! indianlandtenure.itch.io/when-


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I’m a game designer with 12 years of experience (8 of said years in Lead/ Director positions) and I’m auctioning off my time and XP for .

See gamedevsforfireys.com/  for the details of how it works.

This is opened to internationals, but bids are in AUD.


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Game friends: Five Project Horseshoe reports are out, and this one really caught my eye. Everlasting Narrative:
Developing a Rulebook for the Theory and Practice for Creating Never-Ending Narrative in Games projecthorseshoe.com/reports/f @emshort @doubleanna Bob Bates, et al


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More than thirty writers (including current writing team @chgardiner, @emshort, @babelfishwars and @jamesstanthony) have collaboratively poured 2.5 million deep, dark and marvelous words into Fallen London in the last ten years.



The kinds of games Rosa describes are the kind I made as a child, too. Different tech — BASIC games, improv D&D sessions, a paper-based IF-alike where the room descriptions were written on index cards; Hypercard narrative games. twitter.com/moreelen/status/12


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Working with Stacey has been one of the brightest highlights of my career. She is absolutely brilliant in every capacity and any team lucky enough to have her will endlessly thrive.

ANY teams looking for a Narrative Designer, I absolutely cannot recommend her highly enough. twitter.com/stcymsn/status/121


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It’s my birthday I’d appreciate if peers could keep me in mind this year if they hear about FT narrative design positions. Freelance & contract work in the US, where insurance is employer-based, has become unsustainable as a disabled person. Thanks bravemule.com/hireme


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Hey, folks! We launched Yarn Spinner 1.0 yesterday! It's a huge release, and we're really proud of it. twitter.com/YarnSpinnerTool/st


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It's the new year - so it's time to be thinking about last year's best interactive fiction.

If there's a work of IF - your own, or someone else's - that you think deserves recognition, please make sure it has an entry at ifdb.tads.org/  , and add one if it doesn't yet!


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