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There have been so many exciting things happening in games this week that it’s hard to hang on to promising upcoming games and notice interesting trends. Some of my takeaways:


Signs of the Sojourner is an IF-friendly work with a beautifully expressive conversation mechanic that focuses on our resources and style of interaction rather than specifics of dialogue choice. emshort.blog/2019/09/21/signs-


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AIIDE's schedule is up: web.cs.wpi.edu/~gmsmith/aiide2

Many interesting papers, invited talks, panels, tutorials, and workshops!


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2993 cities
162 countries
7 continents

Today is the biggest day of climate action in world history.



I kind of love the placards with data on them (this one courtesy @ChrisWymant )


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Sunless Skies has been nominated for three @TIGAMovement awards!

Creativity Award
Best Game by a Small Studio
Best Roleplaying Game

And we're in the public vote for Game of the Year, if you feel moved: tiga.org/awards/game-of-the-ye

Thank you TIGA!


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Running a crowdfunding campaign in 2019: very difficult! So here's my pitch about why you should support Echodog and Signs of the Sojourner. You're going to hear similar thoughts from me constantly for the next month. twitter.com/EchodogGames/statu


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Felt: A Simple Story Sifter

@meldckn & I built a query language-based system that uses “sifting patterns” to automatically identify narratively compelling emergent situations in simulated storyworlds.

to be presented @icids this November!



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It's a WIP, but here's a spoiler for my talk in Cologne next month on getting into game narrative: a summary of the answers I received from hiring managers on what they look for in a narrative designer and/or game writer. Enjoy!


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EVENT - One for the diary!

For those planning to come to Adventure X, or in London at the time, we're running a @TheWritersGuild gamewriters' networking event the day before.

Details to follow when the venue's confirmed.


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Signs of the Sojourner, a narrative deck-builder, is now crowdfunding! I'm so pleased to be the writer & narrative designer on such a charming game. @EchodogGames is an excellent team that deserves the support. indiegogo.com/projects/signs-o twitter.com/EchodogGames/statu


Next week, we've got a panel on narrative design for LARP, museum and immersive theatre installations. Join us at the London IF Meetup Wednesday Sept 25 -- meetup.com/Oxford-and-London-I


I used this post as an excuse also to talk about 500 Apocalypses, a Twine piece that deserves ongoing reading. twitter.com/emshort/status/117


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Thanks to Emily's invite, Rachel and I are talking about some of the events we've helped design and write on the 25th at the London IF Meetup. Come along and say hi! twitter.com/emshort/status/117


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