This is an amazing department and a great opportunity for someone who'd like to teach about games with purpose:

Mailbag: IF and game writers -- a question about the market for game platforms and tooling, and the demographic of creators

Starting a new campaign and I wanted my players and I to play something that would help generate the map, history, and legends for the game world. That didn’t exist, so I made it! Introducing Half-Truth Histories.

The first talk from is now on our YouTube Channel! Learn how @WadjetEyeGames beat the post-launch blues:

I worked alongside Davar on a client project once and she is excellent -- thoughtful, passionate, and able to get a project moving.

Still 9 whole days before 2019 kicks off.

Come join us in writing a 1000-word piece of interactive fiction!

Okay, so I read through the seed #01893 PDF version of @subcutanean after backing the indiegogo and wow, did it ever hit me in the queer feels. Can't wait to get my printed copy and see what happens in a different parallel universe!

The quest had a bug in it, so we've reworked it via a hotfix:

The bag is now being stored at Lost Property in the @britishlibrary.

If it's yours, and you manage to retrieve it, please do let us know

American University's Literature department is a hiring full time (non-TT) faculty member in "Literature, Culture, and Technology" and keywords include "Interactive Fiction, Electronic Literature, and Games". Help spread the word and/or apply!

I am looking to expand the number of PoC writers and narrative folk I follow.

Interactive is great, non-interactive also welcome. I want to read more stories not from the same old perspectives.

Suggestions? Self-nominations?

And (also from AdventureX), Failbetter's Hannah Flynn on indie marketing, especially when you've got limited time and resources.

One of my favorite IF community institutions is Spring Thing's "Back Garden", a non-competitive showcase designed specifically for unfinished, experimental, etc work.

Resonant story about Dave Gilbert entering Adventure Jam. It's really useful to have contexts where even experienced creators can do low effort/experimental work without feeling they need to match past quality and size levels

With two weeks left, our fundraiser for @ifcomp prizes is 75% of the way towards its goal.  There's still time to contribute money for new interactive fiction. Also to play some games and vote!

It has had the side effect of making me unreasonably susceptible to anything said by Roger Allam.

I will just have to live with this misfortune oh well

It is so funny and so generous that it makes me feel better about the world. Highly recommend Cabin Pressure to anyone who is sad; is working on comedy or writing for voice actors; is exploring interactive audio and wants to know what audio fiction can do

I have been listening to Cabin Pressure for at least the fourth time and I am in awe of the poetic perfection of @JohnFinnemore ‘s comedy writing, the structural perfection of the setup and payoff, which rivals Fawlty Towers, and yet is also so much kinder and more humane

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