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Thank you so much for asking. I’m pleased to announce that in November of this year, I’ll be announcing that the Second Quadrennial Ryan Veeder Exposition for Good Interactive Fiction will be held in February of 2020. twitter.com/Lokathor/status/11


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random thoughts from have been percolating through my head lately, so I want to put them down here. Here goes! (thread)


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I finally got around to watching – and thoroughly enjoying – @joningold's talk about designing the language in Heaven's Vault, as recommended by @philippawarr in @talkingsimpod! youtube.com/watch?v=e1L1qRmYgK


If you're curious about academic research into interactive narrative, join the London IF meetup July 13 when we'll be hearing from Michael Mateas (Facade et al) on his recent work and how he thinks about problems in this space. meetup.com/Oxford-and-London-I


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Here is the big chart of people's answers to the question "What is your favorite narrative game, or ten games?" narrascope.org/pages/favorites


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Yesterday I attended a panel on interactive romance with @aaronareed, Tara (sorry I didn't catch their last name!), @SharangBiswas, and @TheSquink, moderated by Rebecca Slitt at . Please reply corrections if you have more info!


I am sad I missed trying timewhatday.com/  at NarraScope.

It is making me want to do a PerfumeJam where authors sample perfume oils, and then pick a blend or two and write a short piece inspired by the scent


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If you missed my talk, I have for you the exact opposite! A piece I wrote for Sub-Q, about getting started with experimental interactive fiction, just went out of paywall: sub-q.com/experimenting-in-if/


For those who were curious, here are the slides and notes from Graham Nelson's talk on Inform 7 this weekend: emshort.com/narrascope/talk.ht


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Still coming down from the high but while top of mind, was one of the best run conferences I’d attended. And this is their FIRST CONFERENCE. (Thread)


Huge congrats to @genericgeekgirl and @zarfeblong along with the rest of the @narrascope crew on an astonishingly strong conference -- had great content and a really welcoming feel


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In a hall conversation, @WadjetEyeGames (paraphrased): "It's more interesting to see why people like each other than why they don't like each other."


Discussion of the times we want to expose or emphasise the procedurality of our systems; let people in fact see that their choices changed things. (Something players have also mentioned liking about Restless, the ability to see menu content change.)


Q: how do we avoid embedding cultural biases in the procedural systems you build? A: suggestions about getting consultants in; the need to think about the total possibility space described by your system; contexts where output might appear


Q: how does procedural narrative handle Chekhov’s gun, foreshadowing? Several answers here; one argument was that in interactive narrative it’s okay to foreshadow that an option exists because you’re framing player choice... even if the player does not fire the gun.


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