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Missed @kateheartfield's workshop this weekend on writing interactive fiction? Check out the highlights here!



I do narrative design consulting -- that might include on-site workshops at your studio, GDD and prototype feedback, and planning assistance.

If you've got an upcoming project you'd like to discuss with me at GDC, ping me here or emshortif at gmail.


If you enjoyed the constructed language bits in Counterfeit Monkey (or are just into those in general) this article may interest you. twitter.com/ryanqnorth/status/


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One week left to submit an intent to enter Spring Thing, the internet's second oldest, second biggest, but first cutest celebration of new interactive fiction (sorry @ifcomp). springthing.net/2020/submit.ht


Thanks to Jonathan Li, we have a recording of the London IF Meetup talk I did in January on storylet structures. It can be found here: youtube.com/watch?v=0zDXcVc5zv


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I’m happy to announce the an Asian-inspired D&D5e anthology. Each adventure and art piece is created by Asian creators!

This project means so much to me as part of the Asian Diaspora . I’m excited to give a sneak peek on what I wrote in the very near future twitter.com/DeathByMage/status


David Schweinsberg is looking to get the Los Angeles IF Meetup rolling again -- meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Interac and discussion at intfiction.org/t/rebooting-the . If you're LA based and want to see a local IF event, he'd like to hear.


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You ever read a book that just makes you smile at its brilliance from time to time, and you know you're reading passages you'll never forget, and you don't want it to end? That's @failbettergames' Sunless Skies for me. quartertothree.com/fp/2020/02/


Next Saturday, the London IF Meetup is playing and discussing games with transgender protagonists: see meetup.com/Oxford-and-London-I to see the list of games to be covered, and RSVP


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We're presenting at !

@chgardiner's Sunless Skies: A Narrative Postmortem will cover how, in less than two years of production, a small indie team made a game with a critically acclaimed story and more words than the King James Bible.

Schedule: schedule.gdconf.com/session/su 


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As a note, although we love to provide free access to our content, we can't do it for much longer unless we have significantly more subscribers.

Please consider subscribing on Patreon ( patreon.com/subQmag ) or our website (sub-q.com/shop )


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Democratic Socialism Simulator
Play as the first socialist president of the United States!

Can you redistribute power and wealth while addressing the climate crisis?

Windows, MacOS - $5



And pointing to this list as one of the many MANY pieces of evidence on my side here.


As a special treat, I'd like to never again hear that writers for interactive media are less talented, less committed, or less interested in human truth than writers for older/more traditional forms.

I know I'm not going to receive this treat but I'm wishlisting it anyway.


Extremely good to see Nebula nominations for so many excellent games -- and also for the novels and stories of folks like @deuceofgears and @maxgladstone and @tithenai whom I first encountered through their interactive work nebulas.sfwa.org/2019-nebula-a


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NEW WORK!: The Uncredited: Work, Women, and the Making of the US Computer Game Industry in @FemMediaHist

A spiritual successor to my "Pedestal" article. I'm incredibly proud of this work, & humbled by the women who spoke w/ me. Read, teach, cite, enjoy.



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1/ After weeks of learning, I am proud to share - "The Annotated GPT-2" ladies and gentleman!

In this post, I re-implement OpenAI's GPT-2 in PyTorch using @huggingface source code and try to explain all the magic that goes on inside the model.



According to my phone tracker app I climbed 34 flights of stairs today.

I can account for a little less than half of that with staircases I definitely climbed inside buildings, so the rest was presumably from navigating the Tube.

I love London.


I need to pause watching the rest of this until I have a quieter place, but just on the basis of the first few minutes, it's worth hearing. Painful. But worth hearing. twitter.com/mayascade/status/1


Mailbag: Idea to Implementation for Storylet Games — at a reader's request, I've written a new version of a very old article to talk about approaches to designing and implementing storylet work. emshort.blog/2020/02/18/mailba


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