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I’m loving Revolting Prostitutes not just as a really good piece of non-fiction writing, but also because I’m so in awe of its rigour & precision. If I ever am in charge of research students, I’d want to recommend it as a good example of research executed well.


It's been months and twitter just isn't working for me - my mentions don't show people's tweets to me and I have to manually search for them. I'm sorry if I miss any!


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Every moment I spend on @AshleyJudd who is on the board of @DemandAbolition, who pay for more LE in communities of color, & supports @CATW, whose ED says women who trade sex "can't be fixed" is a moment I'm not giving to , survivors, people whose voice matters


I find this kinda stuff even worse than not listening at all, actually. Don't piss on my hooker heels and tell me it's raining twitter.com/ashleyjudd/status/


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PODCAST || Puttanesca: Sex, Feminism & Sex Worker Rights. In this episode I Break Bread with @pastachips and @fornicatrix, authors of , about pasta, feminism and the fight for sex worker rights. Tune in acast.com/foodandpsych/breakin 


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think this passage from jackie wang’s carceral capitalism is particularly relevant in light of the conviction


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Sending so much love to @EDeportations - let us remember that what is defined as criminal is always political. The are being punished for their political dissent in a climate of racism and a dehumanising border regime. May Allah fortify them. Ameen.


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"I had no idea then of what I know now: that the actions of those activists, who became known as the , would help me see justice, and save my life in Britain."

From one of the people on board that flight, who has since won his right to remain: theguardian.com/commentisfree/


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The have been convicted for preventing a charter deportation flight through peaceful direct action.

This action meant that people were able to continue to fight to remain with their families, communities, in the places they have made their lives.

Our statement:


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“It’s the Home Office’s brutal, secretive and barely legal practice of mass deportation flights that is putting people in danger, and their ‘hostile environment’ policy that is hurting vulnerable people.” twitter.com/edeportations/stat


one of those days when I feel so angry about what we have to consider 'normal'

In one month most SWs I know have - 10 times over! - heard and forgotten the kind of report that would be front page news if it happened to say, a personal trainer or an interior designer on the job


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