This ‘going for a drive to check if your eyesight is ok to drive’ stuff. Is this a thing? I mean the whole govt seems to do it? Just that I’ve been driving for over 30 years and I’ve never heard of it

Hope our political correspondents are a bit more on the ball this afternoon than they were yesterday. Or, in fact, ever.

Quick note to say due to the current unpleasantness @jimrossignol and I are putting the book on hold for a wee while. Updates soon

We’re now so beaten as a country that it’s basically accepted by a lot of people that it’s fine for the prime minister not to appear more than about once a week, in a crisis. Not lead, not front up to stuff, not put his head above the parapet, not do anything that’s hard.

vehicle, modeled in @GravitySketch, materials and render in @Substance3D. Was a great lesson in proportions, and (for the future) getting them right BEFORE all the UV unwrapping @pascalblanche

Day 22 of

A (brief) break from battle. Finish line in sight!

did a test the other day for an idea about books where you'd only get one color plus black. picture books can feel heavy & serious & i'm trying to see if there are prompts to get me to make dumb ones instead. i haven't actually written any of these but nobody steal them anyway ok

Corellia sketch, rather obvious Imperial boot stamping on the indigenous population metaphor here :|

'Works from the Current Time'. Four new paintings of mine are now available to view and purchase online @hybridgallery. My planned larger gallery solo show has now been moved to 2021.

Every so often, I come across a photo of I’ve never seen before, and which reminds me of what a an absolute legend he was. This is one of those photos

Found a break down about grouping crowds that never made it off my HD, so I thought I’d share. I “feel my way through compositions, but I am keeping things in mind. When possible, I try to create irregular patterns for visual interest with crowds.1/4

Tribute to We were considering this for the movie intro at one point. Maybe Scoob2?!!

And another Dryden Vos hangout. Probably too Jabba’s palace/Luke’s Island. And my ellipses are all over the shop :|

RT @mikeBithell
11 actors
24k words
3 hours of audio drama
Two pairs of bunk beds.

comes to an end today with episode 6, up now. I’m so proud of what everyone’s achieved on this. What a silly idea it was.

The crew gets their answers. Hope you dig them.

Friends! Today the characters I created with @kierongillen are brought to life in THE LUDOCRATS by the masterful @JeffStokely, and published by Image Comics. It'll be available today in the US and on online, and next week in the UK. RTs appreciated!

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