Anybody out there know whether a Cintiq Pro 24 is compatible with the old 24HD ergo stand?

@ianmcque Scratch-built airship of mine, inspired by your art :)

Also these two beautiful, understated paintings by artists I wasn’t aware of - ‘July 23rd, 1960’, Julius Bissier and ‘Aerial Gyrations’, Charles Sheeler:

Good times last night with @kortizart @McQueGardens @jhmonkeyfeather @jeffreyalanlove @PaintKatt @dawndundundun @J4M3S_B4K3R and @Tecatezilla. Apart from the bit where we all got pepper sprayed

For any concept folks out there who have yet to score a copy of 's 'Kronolog' and those who don't have a laser disc player anymore, this is a must watch! :)... @pascalblanche

Trip to Mendocino today to check out the groovy water towers as recommended by @PaintKatt

Crunch is just Producers wanting something that they aren't willing to pay for.

Then they'll sell it, and pocket the income, and fuck every developer that sacrificed mental health, physical health, and personal relationships to get the work done.

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