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Do you want to get funded on @kickstarter? Need tips and insight? New issue of @imaginefx features @loishh @artofeyeris @ArtByEmilyHare @SeanMurray_Art and Simon Frisby, and they give advice on how to launch and run a successful campaign. creativebloq.com/news/improve- . Buy it today!


hey folks! valentine's day is just around the corner <3 if you're still looking for a gift, check out my valentine's-day-themed collection on society6! society6.com/loish/collection/


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Currently unravelling the cluttering thoughts in my head.


anybody else have problems with brush lagging with photoshop & cintiq after the latest windows 10 update?? i had to go back to an earlier version of windows to fix.


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I received this for my birthday and I just wanted to say how excited I am for it and for the next book when it ships out in march <3 Thank you @loishh for being so awesome and such a huge inspiration to me and everyone else!! The art of Loish is soo beautiful <3


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@loishh @Kno @CunninLynguists @DeacTheVillain @TheRealNatti Thought i was ordering a print when this incredible canvas came. Thank you @loishh Incredible artist, cover, group, music....art


check out this cool puppet VR animation project by a friend of mine. if you like it, consider funding!! cinecrowd.com/en/manfred


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I've said this before, but the idea of "pull all nighters, grind grind grind, you can sleep when you're dead" is stupid, unhealthy and dangerous. It neither helpful or pragmatic for creativity to be "juiced" until dry.


For me, this has been the month of learning the ins and outs of buying kitchens.


the first copies of my new artbook, The Sketchbook of Loish, came in yesterday!! we're on schedule to ship everything out to the kickstarter backers in march :)

for those who missed the kickstarter, you can pre-order here - shop.3dtotal.com/the-sketchboo


that feeling when you find out your screen was, for mysterious reasons, set to a really low refresh rate and you fix it and everything is normal again