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We chatted with art superstar @loishh on using social media as an artist, working with clients as a freelancer, her learning experiences and portfolio must-haves.

Read all about it and more on ArtStation Magazine: magazine.artstation.com/2018/0 


By the way, I'm selling my art book for €25 a piece tomorrow in Geneva! Bring cash if you'd like a signed book! And definitely come say hi if you're around :) more info: eventbrite.com/e/masterclass-l


On my way to Geneva for tomorrow's workshop and live demo :) will any of my Twitter followers be there?? twitter.com/loishh/status/1039


my reasons for being on twitter: 10% sharing my art, 10% seeing other people's art, 80% LOOKING AT ROUND ANIMALS POSTS twitter.com/round_boys/status/


much respect to artists who can pull off adding color to greyscale, because i have NO CLUE how to make that work


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Went to a motivational seminar and demo by @loishh. It was a great help, the digital art tips and thoughts on client work!


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Don't linger too long 'cause we only have a couple of spots available for the two industry workshops with Wouter Tulp and @loishh weareplaygrounds.nl/industry-w


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Le 21 septembre prochain, nous recevons la visite de Lois Van Baarle @loishh et Iva Mikles @artsideoflife dans le cadre d'une Masterclass qui sera donnée à l'Uptown de Genève à 18h00 ! Les inscriptions sont ouvertes sur Eventbrite ! eventbrite.com/e/masterclass-l


hey swiss followers! I'll be in Geneva next week, giving a free live demo of my painting process together with Iva from @artsideoflife! Join us, it's free, and you can get your book signed or even buy one directly from me! eventbrite.com/e/masterclass-l


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It's ok if you're struggling, it doesn't make you weak. It's ok if everything feels tough at the moment, it won't forever. It's ok to talk about feeling low, it's ok to feel what you're feeling. <3


I'm honestly way too lazy for daily drawing challenges, respect for those who are able to keep up. Amazing!!


Still recovering from the stress of doing like 5 ink drawings last year, now the pressure of inktober 2018 is already looming


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Hey all ! Art Side of Life is 1year old Thank you all for your support! It’s been a year ago when we started with Interview with @loishh Check out what she has been up to in the last year artsideoflife.com/loish2 


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The glass-smooth water in the landscapes of John Frederick Kensett (1816-1872)


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