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I don’t agree with this. If you are advocating that everyone should be using ECC, then note that RSA as an assumption is more established. I would be far more surprised if RSA was broken in polynomial time than if EC-dlog was broken in subexponential time. twitter.com/sweis/status/11750


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أنباء عن هجوم سيبراني على منشآت نفطية وكذلك الخوادم واسعة النطاق تهدف إلى تعطيل القدرات النفطية والأنظمة المالية


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256-bit RSA is in fact so easy to break that we routinely factor 256-bit numbers on a desktop computer in order to search for parameters for other cryptosystems (was just doing that yesterday).


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I watched "Crypto" so that you don't have to. The Bitcoin references were pretty accurate. There was a seed phrase where 25% of the words were not valid BIP39 words, but likely intentional. The movie as a whole was just boring. rottentomatoes.com/m/crypto


“Oh yes, the executive branch is breaking the law to sabotage their political opponents, while also stonewalling Congress. But nonetheless we should give them everyone’s WhatsApp keys, because they totally won’t abuse that.”


Oh they haven’t stopped. It must take amazing compartmentalization skills to argue for, say, non-Congressionally-approved government encryption backdoors one day — and the collapse of our system of checks and balances the next.


I think @lawfareblog is useful mainly in that it provides future generations a detailed, annotated timeline of how ever legal mechanism in our Republic malfunctioned.


A true hero would build a time machine, go back to September 20, 2007, and suggest to these folks that they try to Google the word “Go” before taking things any farther. twitter.com/robertgriesemer/st


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I could have a full time speaking circuit gig merely explaining why there are some industrial control Windows systems that cannot reasonably or rationally be patched or upgraded.


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Someone should make a parody account called ClownSterling. I'd do it myself, but I don't know enough about cryptography to shitpost that hard.


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A big fuck you to the people still picking on school kids who are trying to protect the planet we live on. You aren't just on the wrong side of history. You are on the wrong side of the present. The wrong side of science.

And you're the ones who need to go back to school.


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"We've got him now, boys!" the journalists and @lawfare people declare, as Trump jumps over the county line again in the Confederate-themed car.

I'm 100% on board with documenting this stuff, but wish we could stop pretending it would erode the President's base of support. twitter.com/joshtpm/status/117


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Today we’re sharing information about several new state-backed information operations we identified, covering activity originating in China, Ecuador, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

Comprehensive datasets on the activity are in our archive: twitter.com/twittersafety/stat


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