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Are Peter Todd's "Merkle Mountain Ranges" (MMRs) an independent re-discovery of Crosby and Wallach's "History Trees" from years prior?



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The claim in the FTI forensics report on Bezos’ iPhone that, “due to end-to-end encryption employed by WhatsApp, it is virtually impossible to decrypt the contents of the downloader [.enc file]...” bugged me so much that I coded up how to do it: github.com/ddz/whatsapp-media-


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Hey, is it just me, or has iOS autocorrect abandoned reason and descended into complete chaos for anyone else?


I think the argument re: Huawei is not that there are backdoors in the code today, but that once Huawei have dominance in many countries they will be able to introduce them, just as the US has been proven to do. Seems kind of hard to dispute this.


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The year is 2200. With budget cuts, increased courses sizes, and the lack of winters much less winter breaks, academia has changed significantly. But parts of the old tradition still shine through in odd ways. Once every 7 years, you can take a sabbatical: from slack.


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Fun fact in a decade everything outside of AMP and Facebook will be labeled "the Dark Web" by cable news


I don’t know if anyone has been obsessively reloading the subreddit on the Wuhan pneumonia like I have (I think I might be a germaphobe?) but it’s interesting that it’s just now creeping into Twitter.


What do you call the awkward moment where you’re pressing the phone against the terminal while desperately trying to double-press the power button without turning it off or losing line-of-sight to your face? twitter.com/_tyoung/status/122


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I love how everyone knows that connecting a baby monitor to the internet is a stupid idea, but still the press is breathless about neural implants. I mean, honestly what the actual fuck.


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everyone is afraid AI will get too smart and take over the world, but the sad truth is that it’s too dumb and kinda already has


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all the ring lattices
(all the ring lattices)

are solved by the worst-case/average-case reduction to Ring-LWE twitter.com/cathieyun/status/1


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In the days since the recent SHA-1 attack was released, the IETF OpenPGP working group has been a ghost town. Only a handful of messages have been traded over this. Community involvement appears pretty much dead. 1/


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