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Veteran Democrats are frustrated with the tactics of Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other newly elected Democrats who say the party needs a plan to decarbonize the economy within a decade trib.al/w6jCPN5


I know we should care about the implications of prosecuting Julian Assange, but given that he deliberately helped put the worst people in power — and we’re all suffering the consequences, not just him — it’s awfully hard to find the energy.


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Incredible. Patients who stop breathing at night use CPAP machines to keep airways open. But the software is locked, propriety. Over 1000s of hours a hacker made an open source version so people get better treatment.
"I’m possibly alive because it exists" motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art


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I know him from the well-known early aughts theological debate, “Is God powerful enough to uninstall McAfee Anti-Virus Software from This Laptop?” twitter.com/matthew_d_green/st


Intel executive 1: do you think the fact that our product is named after a possibly-dangerous lunatic might harm sales?

Intel executive 2: Let’s just see if we can wait this one out.


You’d think the Twitter handle “officialmcafee” might cause Intel trademark attorneys some heartburn, but I guess there’s very little chance of brand confusion here.


Most of the younger generation remember McAfee for his various pump and dump cryptocurrency scams. Those of us who were alive way back in 2012 also remember when he was accused of murder in Belize and fled the country. twitter.com/theregister/status


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Note our story did not say any executive stopped the security team from investigating, it says the initial investigation was done without their knowledge and that afterwards they tried to obfuscate the details. twitter.com/alexstamos/status/


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Return of the Hidden Number Problem: A Widespread and Novel Key Extraction Attack on ECDSA and DSA tches.iacr.org/index.php/TCHES


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NEW: Exclusive: Trump admin. officials asked federal law enforcement agencies to examine legal ways of removing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen from US in attempt to persuade Turkish Pres. Erdogan to ease pressure on Saudi gov't, four sources say. nbcnews.trib.al/vk5dHZM


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In one meeting, Sheryl Sandberg appeared angry that Facebook's security chief had told the company's board that the network hadn't yet contained Russian disinformation.

"You threw us under the bus!" Sandberg yelled, according to people who were present. trib.al/kTB8sbi


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If hackers take the US power grid down, like they have done before in the Ukraine, we need to know how to boot it back up. @lilyhnewman spent a day with the DARPA researchers readying for this scenario wired.com/story/black-start-po


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I thought the point here was that:

1. There was a Cold War
2. The US won
3. The KGB is back now, with new packaging, and they’re using this new social media vector with extraordinary effectiveness
4. It’s fostering extraordinary levels of internal strife

It’s a real story.


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Interesting research on creating synthetic fingerprints that can match a large number of real fingerprints. These would be Master Prints, just like we have Master Keys for locks.


Gonna sit down and get some work done, just as soon as I install this important security update.


“Important topic. Well written. You shouldn’t put Section 3 in front of Section 4. Weak reject.”


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