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“You: on the corner of 3rd & Howard yesterday, red overcoat and sunglasses. Me: the tall, lanky guy in a hoodie. I was just diagnosed with COVID-19, but the app says you're already immune. Coffee Saturday?”


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New blog post by my PhD student @ArchitaAgarwa18 on her work on end-to-end encrypted distributed storage systems; specifically encrypted DHTs and encrypted off-chain networks. twitter.com/browncsdept/status


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Lol imagine waking up to find a fuzzer has filed 435 github issues with your project rainoftime.bitbucket.io/


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Hey I know we're all supposed to be like "hmmm hmmm maybe COVID isn't as lethal as we thought"

but for recent weeks, deaths in western Europe were kind of super high.


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My cousin won the virtual Seder by creating a burner Elijah account and making us let him in the zoom halfway through.


It should also have a language that can support subroutines. So if I want to prove knowledge of a signature, I can write a subroutine for signature verification: then I can just assert that that subroutine outputs True. 4/


Any such tool should handle a diversity of statement types. It shouldn’t be locked into a particular execution environment (ie, it should output pseudocode for people who just want the protocol) and it should support multiple group settings, including pairing groups. 3/


A few people have tried this in the past. Typically the result was an academic research paper about a tool that supported a few common statement types, which is then abandoned to entropy once the paper is done. 2/


The serious point here is that there is a huge need for a good ZK statement compiler that can take in the weird equations that cryptographers like to jam into papers, and output (at least) the protocols, and ideally, output prover and verifier code. 1/ twitter.com/isislovecruft/stat


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lately I've realized that I have no idea how multiparty video conferencing actually works. like, it doesn't seem to make too much sense for my zoom client to have a socket open to every other participant...


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academic crypto papers be like "and then you just prove the following very complex systems of equations in zero-knowledge! *hand waving* the details of how to do this are left as an exercise to the reader! *hand waving* it's probably possible to create this proof! *hand waving*"


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The technical documentation of the anonymization process used in the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports was published on arXiv today.

To everyone who asked for it: thanks for your patience and your understanding arxiv.org/abs/2004.04145


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The evil folks at @Twitter are capitalizing on everyone refreshing their feeds. Y'all got that "We changed our Terms" popup, right? Well, they just sold all non EU/EUFTA/UK users (even more) to advertisers. Capitalizing on a isolation seems…skeezy? theverge.com/2020/4/8/21213593


One of the things you find spending a lot of time on Twitter is that there are a lot of stupid humans in the world. Said with love, of course.


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