Finally my body has failed to the point where I need reading glasses, and can thus look way smarter than I actually am.

Turkey is already destroying its own academia. Last time I was in Beirut, at the Historical Materialism conference in 2016, all Turkish academics who had accepted talks could not go due to being in either 1) jail or 2) refused ability to travel.

Whoever decided that cyberattacks were a good way to respond to kinetic attacks — has obviously not run Shodan on their own IP range.

: It is now confirmed that a Cyber attack resulted fire in 's Oil Refinery in Southwest of . Probably a Cyber attack in response to 's cruise missile attack at 's oil facilities in & , on 14 September 2019.

“Exclusive: Huawei in early talks with U.S. firms to license 5G platform - Huawei executive”
If they’re using Huawei’s software, this is no more secure than getting the systems straight from Huawei.

Hi! That’s extremely kind of you to say. Thank you!

Since we’re talking about this, here’s a short story about this feature…

This is part of a series of beatings and knife attacks in Hong Kong in recent weeks. Most take place in broad daylight, and no one is caught or charged. This is targeted political violence; the Tai Po Lennon wall is one of the safest places on earth otherwise.

I want to increase the number of good hacking-stuff tweets in my timeline, either software or crypto(graphy) related. Any good follows?

A not so well known fact about the climate crisis is that it won't go away if someone finds out that a well-known climate activist once took a plane trip.

I’ve been shamed into giving Rust another try. If you don’t hear from me again please tell my family.

Me: ok, so maybe I should write this in Rust.

Rust: we don’t call it “writing”, developing in Rust is actually a four-part process called kerzlbluch.

I love the idea of making a memory safe and performant language, but maybe we could just stop with those two things — and not require programmers to learn a pile of entirely new concepts just because someone wanted a challenge.

«What’s amazing, innovative and brilliant about the Popcorn ransom trojan is that if you don’t want to pay the ransom, you can infect two of your friends and that will unlock your files for free»

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