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bitcoiners: "utility crews responding to unusual spikes in power usage have found racks of remotely controlled servers in empty apartments. When they began shutting off these 'rogue operators' earlier this year, some became belligerent"

Hotel staff says I have to delete the account and start over from scratch or I’ll never escape being Marty. Nothing else works.

I signed up to a hotel loyalty program as “Marty Jones” in order to get free WiFi. Fast forward one year: I’m locked out of my room and the hotel staff won’t give me a key because I can’t produce Marty’s ID. Lesson: pseudonyms aren’t the answer.

"Our paper alerts the academy and industry that it is not enough to just double
the key length of the symmetric primitives to stand up to the attackers from the postquantum world."

Ever since David Wagner flipped random key bits in Hasty Pudding and found equivalent keys, I've never neglected to try this seemingly stupid test. And yet again, it yields results in.. NIST Post-Quantum Candidate KEMs called AKCN and OKCN. /a/!msg/pqc-forum/5Lh6RteWKpY/fEQf2eEoAQAJ

Is the problem Bitcoin, or is the problem just that unfettered capitalism will find a way to consume every kilowatt of surplus energy until the methane comes and we’re all dead?

Ok, I'm a lame victim of a US comma. It's 1300 W, not 1.3 W. Sorry! Bitcoin will eat the world and we all gonna die.

In case anyone is wondering, you would have to move towards the access point at roughly 621.5 kilometers per second in order to doppler-shift Wi-Fi channel 1 into channel 2.

Done w/ night court. 8 of my clients saw the judge. 1 had family that could pull together $2k bail. Another $250 (just started a maintenance job). My last client’s wife had $50. The rest $0. The total bail amt set tonight on my clients was $56,500. All but one is now on Rikers.

Well, this is an interesting email: "2600net doesn't store any information about you, ever. We will never store any information about you, ever." How did you get my email then? :P

It isn’t easy for a man to rip a screaming child away from his mother. Most of us couldn’t do it. This is where “animals” comes in. Declare he isn’t really a child, she isn’t a woman. Now it’s like pulling a piglet from a sow. This has always been how states enable savagery.

Hey @pornhub -- if you guys really want a good VPN for public benefit, I'm sure the community would be happy to help create (staff, engineer, etc.) it. You have the $, brand, and network -- why not build it yourself, correctly?

can somebody read your passwd file with: "/???/?at /???/????w?" ? yes.
bypass blacklisted words filter (or firewalls) via bash wildcards.

/b'i'n/c'a't /e't'c/p'a's's'w'd'
/???/?at /???/????w?

/usr/b'i'n/'n'c 2130706433 80
/???/???/n? 2130706433 80

The failure modes of 2FA are:
1) People don't use it
2[...]147) People don't use it
148) Lost authenticators

I don't see how blockchain addresses any of the real issues. This seems like a thinly disguised attempt to push a crap ponzi-coin.

The academic security research process:

Can we do X?
Can we do X with weird new requirements?
Can we do X privately?
Can we do X on the blockchain?

This was my mistake, trying to engage in a discussion of authentication protocol design with a bunch of guys that, thirty years ago, would have been running a pump-n-dump out of a strip-mall brokerage in New Jersey.

The flaw in the assumption that "Cryptocurrency Miners won't be dishonest" was that the Miners' only source of revenue was from coin sales, so games would hurt the price.

Unfortunately miners can make money from destroying the price. So we are now seeing 51% attacks.

By the time you're 35 and an academic, you should have a computer folder of shame where you have the papers you totally intend to finish, just one week with no distractions should do it, easy as pie oh god oh god oh god it's the end of May

Separating children from their parents and losing track of unaccompanied minors placed into “foster care or whatever” is the ~context~ for the “animals” remarks.