Well since we’re talking about satellites anyway, a fascinating thing about this Starlink system is that routing packets through space is almost 50% faster than routing through fiber. So we can add some more round trips to TLS 1.4.


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TIL a cryptographic back door is also known as a “red thread.”


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Can we build cybercoin privacy tech under the assumption that 70-95% of the transactions are to/from parties which share all their data with the adversary? Is CoinJoin better than RingCT under this assumption? How powerful are the IP to Pubkey associations? twitter.com/Crypto_Mags/status


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Have you suffered harm because your spouse got geolocation data from AT&T which they used in divorce proceedings? Contact info@eff.org.


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Let’s also remember that @xychelsea is once again imprisoned for her refusal to take part in this dangerous Espionage Act indictment of Assange. Everyone should be demanding her release.


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Hope this was worth it.
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No idea why the @InternetAssn couldn’t do this the standard way, and just book a big block of rooms at Trump hotel.


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Given we rejected the idea of charging Assange for publishing classified info, this is nonsense. Pretty clear difference between charging government employees who have sworn to protect classified info and people outside government who publish it. twitter.com/noahshachtman/stat


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Geoff Huston @ :
if IPv6 /48 deaggregates continue scaling at the current rate, no current silicon will eventually be able to hold the table, & relatively soon


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Assange is a garbage human being who actively fucked-over everyone, but he shouldn’t be charged in the United States.


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The superseding indictment just unsealed against Julian Assange is exactly what the first indictment wasn't:

17 of the 18 charges are for violating the Espionage Act, under which there's never previously been a successful prosecution of a third party (as opposed to the leaker).


I can’t imagine what the ransomware operators were thinking asking for 13 BTC. Ask for like 13 BCH next time. We can’t fill our potholes.


I’m proud of Baltimore for refusing to pay the ransom. (Though I haven’t entirely discounted the possibility that we’re just broke.) twitter.com/dinosn/status/1131


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