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Libra’s David Marcus is right, as we move away from paper cash trackable digital assets will allow for much more efficient tracking by governments.

Not all governments will use this power for good. See what is happening in China reason.com/2019/07/02/hong-kon


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"If Libra succeeds, someone is going to have the data on all the transactions that those millions of people have consummated. Just a treasure trove of information. You're telling me that nobody is going to attempt to monetize that?" -Kennedy

Marcus says "no;" a bold-faced lie.


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Senator Capro, concerned about privacy, asks if a user's blockchain address can be connected to their submitted government IDs to Calibra.

Marcus: Nah, we won't put those details on the blockchain.


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Q: Do you believe blockchain technology increases user control by allowing people to own their own data?

A: Of course! We all know that users own the keys for all that cleartext data we're posting on a world-readable public bulletin board.


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I just got a nice little shiver when working out whether the binary on the ribbon of the new £50 banknote meant anything.

1010111111110010110011000 is 23061912 in decimal. Alan Turing was born on the 23rd June 1912. What a nice touch.

RIP, Alan.


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Finite State supply chain assessment of Huawei devices.
76 firmware had default root user w/hardcoded password that could log in over the SSH protocol. 8 firmware had pre-computed authorized_keys hardcoded. 424 firmware contained hardcoded private SSH keys


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.@europol @FBI et al have released the Master Decryption Key for GandCrab documentcloud.org/documents/61 So now anyone can build a decryptor. There is a tool already at nomoreransom.org  but this hopefully will pull all of its teeth.


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Some people are saying that MPC is a new technology that may be too new to trust. I strongly disagree and wrote this blog post to make the point. unboundtech.com/secure-multipa


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First time using an under the door tool It got me into a server room bless its heart


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It sounds ridiculous and petty, but I feel like a huge understated perk of mobile apps is that I basically *never* have to log in. Slowly shifts my preference to mobile more and more with time.


I’m worried that we’re going to deploy a bunch of really fragile decentralized currency systems in 2019 and they’re going to look secure right up until they’re not.


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Victoria's local government bill could introduce 100% Internet voting with no legislated restrictions at all. Last year's draft allowed for paper voting or "any other form of voting determined by the Minister." This clause must be removed. @AdemSomyurek @VicCouncils


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hell is being in a video conference with another free software user and trying to debug whose side isn't working


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it actually upsets me that much of Mario 64's lag is only there because Nintendo forgot to build with -O2
like, the folks who decompiled the game to C that in turn compiles to the original ROM with -O0 have also built it with -O2 and it's substantially faster


This is exactly what Facebook is trying to do. It’s a straight tradeoff; they’re hoping they can sell a traceable currency to law enforcement as a feature. twitter.com/saleemrash1d/statu


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