Does anyone knows an easy/loseless way to convert .mp4 to Apple Prores (.mov)?

I'm so pissed that Adobe is hiking the Creative Cloud price (AGAIN) that I did a round-up of FREE ALTERNATIVES to all the major CC programs. Because FUCK Adobe:

Loved Super Metroid but it was very hard for me, both technically and emotionally!! Considering that, should I try Fusion next?

Writing a whole programming language just for making dialog is one of the most over engineered things I've ever made. But damn that's so fun to make it's ridiculous.


It's 2019 so I might as well announce it:

@pifalcao @NotBrunoAgain and I are doing a podcast in English about video games in Brazil (and a bit of general culture talk) for overseas audiences.

Along with the standard editions of @celeste_game starting their pre-order window next Tuesday, limited amounts of Collector's Editions will go on sale. The first batch goes up on our site January 1 at 10 am EST, with a smaller final batch going up at 6 pm EST that day.

It was a hard choice to stop with Skytorn but I believe it's for the best. We learned a lot and grew a lot with it but now it's time for new things

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