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If you know people who might not be aware of the vote, or might not understand why it's important, be sure to reach out to them!


Ugh, I'm feel so depressed these days. Knowing that almost half the population thinks it's OK to vote for an openly racist, homophobic and sexist is very very scary.


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Non-Brazilian friends: we’re a hair away from electing a man that would make Donald Trump look like Cornell West. Watch the news and suffer along!


The situation here in Brazil is dire. A facist presidential candidate a with huge support from the population and violent ultra-conservative groups are on the rise.


Does anyone have any idea why is this happening? I'm getting mad with this over here, the namespace simply won't show up


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Caatinga na época de seca/ caatinga na época de chuva.

Bioma incrível não?


I wanna write my own scripting language for my game dialog, do you think using ANTLR is overkill?


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Reminder: I’m selling a pixel font pack you can buy over at pixel-fonts.com !
For a mere $25 US you get —29— fonts! (+11 variations)
Please share with your game dev, youtube, and streamer friends! Licensed for use in both free & commercial projects.


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I made a little tutorial for you, many asked me for the wind effect, so there you go! I hope it will help many of you considering those effects can be tricky.

Details also on Patreon too, you can support me there! patreon.com/posts/21739945 
Good luck and hope it will help you all!


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Today we protest against a terrible Brazilian candidate for president. He is racist, sexist, and homophobic. Like Trump, but maybe worse. All the Brazilian women are united to not let him win!


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