peeking into this week's publishing drama I learn that literary agents giving editorial feedback is apparently a controversial practice to some and I wonder what I've gotten myself into

Also "complicated cultural critiques", @THR? The vast, VAST majority of the critiques center on the writing not making any goddamn sense! Including yours! Don't foist this off on PC culture what the christ

I mean Season 5, the season which was at the time widely considered to be the worst season yet, was the one that won best Dramatic Series, so

I've always wondered exactly when the shift in animation casting moved to "just get the biggest star". Leave it to the brilliant @thelindsayellis to school us on movie history! Check out this great video.

I cannot convey to you, as a child of a refugee, how genuinely horrifying and repulsive this is to me.

Still the best thing to come out of 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones

I dunk on USC a lot but I’m proud to be an alumni. As an out-and-proud trashfire person, it’s only fitting that I got my post-graduate education from the highest profile trashfire institution.

I feel like a lot of people are missing the point, and bless your innocent hearts for it, but the ish here is that discussing any Jewish public figure (especially in a remotely critical light) gives ammo to anti-semites, who are ballooning in number thanks to YouTube

I was thinking of doing a video about the Eisner/Katzenberg rivalry but in light of this I’m giving it second thoughts

When YouTube’s algorithm gives you your highest-viewed video ever but brings with it a wave of anti-semitism, misogyny and harassment

have never had sex.

I have never sent a nude.

I have never kissed a boy

I have never held hands

I have never masturbated

I have never thought about dick

I am waiting for MARRIAGE

Retweet if you are a virgin too

lol he deleted it - well the basic jist was in response to Rotten Tomatoes verifying audience in to control for troll brigading saying critics should be verified too by having "degrees" to make sure they understand storytelling and cinematography or whatever

Takes like this also ignore the underlying classism, racism and misogyny in this form of gatekeeping. Not everyone can go to NYU, Lewis, but the broader world of film criticism isn't starved for people with degrees, but it is starved for a broader diversity of viewpoints.

As a verified critic with a BA and an MFA from two of the top film schools in the world, that gives me the official credentials to say that this is a stupid, elitist and classist way of thinking about critics. "Credentials" don't make you legit, body of work does.

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