The idea of Ralsei ever looking different was actually fairly recent. Same with abandoning Susie's ponytail. (And making her look tough...) Anyway, as I always say, sometimes it takes a long time to come up with the right idea, so it's OK if you don't get it perfect right away

Original DELTARUNE concept art of the main characters from 2014 or 2015??? The file was just called "THE FUN GANG"


「Chapter 1」2018年

(両方ともLaura Verdinのデザイン!)



Looking through old files and these dialogue choice options from 2015 ended up kinda accurately reflecting how people feel LOL

And special thanks to @fangamer for always supporting me in whatever I do. They're good people and always looking out for my best interests somehow.


例えば、スージィを 「俺使い」、 ランサーを 「僕様使い」 というキャラクターにしたのは僕の発想でした。(ヨホ)

The translator, @keiko_fukuichi , did awesome work and I'm really proud of how things turned out. Since she also translated UNDERTALE, it feels like she understands my tone of voice really well now. I'm happy to keep working with her.

I also want to say thanks to 8-4 Ltd. for translating the game to Japanese and supporting me in a lot of other ways just to make something good happen, they're amazing. We all worked on the translation really hard!!

The idea of "I want to make an RPG" turned into UNDERTALE and the original idea I had transformed into DELTARUNE as I was making UNDERTALE.

In 2012 I saw her designs for some playing-card inspired characters on tumblr and decided I wanted to make a game featuring them. It didn't end up going anywhere, but the idea of "I want to make an RPG" stuck with me.

Third of all, credit for the designs of Lancer, Rudinn, Clover, Hathy, and Jevil goes to @kanotynes , whose unique art has just been inspiring me forever. Actually in a way her art is the inspiration for this game in the first place.

Second of all, the ending song, "Don't Forget," was sung / arranged by Laura Shigihara @supershigi (I found her through Kan Gao's @Reives_Freebird To the Moon). 'Cause of her the ending really feels special...! Also she's just extremely nice and good at music

First of all, Temmie @tuyoki drew a ton of the graphics for the game. Even more than last time. Basically everything that looked good (and all the amazing battle animations) were because of her. Also she's just an amazing and supportive person in general.

By the way, you may have seen in the credits of DELTARUNE, but without other people's help, I couldn't really have put the game into existence. So, let me name a few people.

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