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however you feel about the woman, you have to admit, theresa may fucking sucks and so do the rest of her heartless party


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Fair play to Theresa May: she inherited an absolute mess when she became PM, but she rose above expectations and, after three long years, made every single bit of that mess significantly worse. Truly impressive.


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mainstream porn performers for all of society’s ills towards women. Juno made a create point that the porn worker is often seen as a symbol of every women’s oppression (when viewed by some feminists)-so “ethical” often only means “ethical as defined by the viewer, not the worker”


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authenticity, and additional pressure to ~enjoy the work~ without complaint when bad things do happen on set) - but very interesting also to hear from a mainstream porn performer on the rift this type of marketing/production this creates between workers, and the blame put onto


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Today I also went to the panel on expanding definitions on feminist porn, and it was fascinating as an area I don’t feel I know much about. Very interesting to think about how marketing porn as “feminist” can in its own way restrict rights of the workers (extra demand for


“If there is God, God is disjunction and madness.”
kathy acker at @ICALondon


Have this cheesy grin picture of me having A Nice Time talking to @ComeCurious for our @fourchambered screening at @UNCENSOREDFest


I was going to be on this panel but I’m double booked, it’s going to be real good with great people and I’m sad I’m not there, I would highly recommend it twitter.com/sexworkhive/status


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I can’t believe what I’m seeing! While running a facial recognition pilot, one man (understandably imho) covered himself up. The police forced him to show his face (& then fined him for disorderly conduct). This is dangerous & terrifying.


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This Sunday!

@vextape will be speaking and showing four of our films @UNCENSOREDFest Sunday 19th May at 12, hosted by @ComeCurious ✧

Tickets available here >>


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The right to abortion is a cornerstone of bodily autonomy.

When we talk about Alabama, we have to talk about Northern Ireland, the only place in Britain & Ireland where abortion is illegal. Abortion rights in ROI were won through a hard-fought battle — the North must be next.


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corporeal fragility is the greatest digital obscenity of all.


Instagram took down this picture of... my spot? to save the general public from knowing that I am in fact just a decaying flesh prison & not a glossy, VSCO filtered hologram. Thanks for reminding me that despite my attempts at fleeting humanity I am only permitted to be Content


UK people, I just donated to the Abortion Support Network @AbortionSupport and if you can you should too donate.asn.org.uk/gb-en/donate


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Ultimately, this is about women’s power.

When women are in control of their sexuality, it threatens a core element underpinning right-wing ideology: patriarchy.

It’s a brutal form of oppression to seize control of the 1 essential thing a person should command: their own body.


I was not emotionally prepared for The Virtues with a Micah P Hinson / PJ Harvey soundtrack designed to destroy me.


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