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There’s been a lot of brilliant coverage of Tumblr’s ban on adult content but here’s my in-depth piece on how the site became a safe haven for alt communities and the marginalised alongside dank memes and fanfiction huckmag.com/art-and-culture/te


Just emailed my MP from my porn work email address which is how my day is going.


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'Tumblr allowed people to do sex work in a way we aren’t permitted to be elsewhere.

'A space that felt safer, that felt more under our control.'

@vextape for @MetroUK
@MetroUK_Life metro.co.uk/2018/12/09/a-love-


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Don't let Brexit distract you from the fact that 15 people - including one woman who is eight months pregnant - have just been quietly convicted for peaceful protest twitter.com/EDeportations/stat


Just joined @ellohype - a social network for creators and they have a specifically stated tolerance for NSFW content - lets do this ello.co/vextape 


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@BiszhopBlaczk has arrived in Glasgow! He'll be talking about the highlights of his groundbreaking career in inclusive queer porn w/ our friends from @lukeandjack @CCA_Glasgow tomorrow night cca-glasgow.com/programme/sqif


I’m so sorry for putting readers in this grave danger. I hope you can forgive me :(


“Well, it’s really a privilege to produce work that provokes censorship... Volatile erotic, sexual denial underlies the self righteousness of our reactionary censors”
- Carolee Schneeman


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So we’re going to ban adult content on every single website to “fight online sex trafficking” but we’re going to let actual sex trafficking victims rot in jail for life twitter.com/theroot/status/107


The Internet War on Sex is Here
(as always @violetblue is entirely on the money with the depressing reality and future at stake here) engadget.com/2018/12/07/the-in


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We're revisiting films from our archives and posting explanations, references and behind the scenes stills in our new READ section,

this week - SUPPLICANT with @veryowengray @AmarnaMiller and @vextape, supporters come this way > afourchamberedheart.com/member


welcome to all my new followers from the article thing, did you know that if you burp really loud while leaning with your back against the radiator the burp reverbs through the whole thing dramatically! I didn’t! wild! anyway, nice to meet you.


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Good morning, happy Friday, this is the most relevant first-person narrative on the *whole Tumblr thing* I've read. @vextape: "It allowed for sex in a space that didn’t feel like it was dominated by male desire" twitter.com/LukeTurnerEsq/stat


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"Anonymous enough that it allowed you to be vulnerable, public enough to feel seen." This article is everything I loved about Tumblr. twitter.com/vextape/status/107


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"Your intimate space, your messy bedroom... Anonymous enough that it allowed you to be vulnerable, public enough to feel seen." - @vextape medium.com/@vexashley/porn-on-


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A huge thanks to @vextape (and her female presenting nipples!), @nonsensecodons and many others for taking the time to share how they've been impacted by the Tumblr ban. twitter.com/nytopinion/status/


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